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Since October 18th, 2019, Chile has undergone profound social transformation, marked by widespread protests demanding systemic change inherited from the dictatorship era of the 1970s and 1980s. From all corners, people of all ages have taken to the streets, banging pots in a symbolic act of protest, mobilizing over 1.2 million individuals. This movement has catalyzed a visual revolution across Chile and Latin America, revitalizing graphic art as a potent medium for social commentary.

Chile Woke emerged in solidarity with this movement, recognizing that the issues prompting protests resonate not only in Chile but also across Latin America and globally. Our mission is to provide a platform for these voices through a curated archive, enabling exhibitions that amplify the narratives and perspectives captured in Chilean graphic art and photography. These artworks not only document but also provoke dialogue, urging us to consider our roles within this ongoing social transformation.

Founded and curated by Chilean graphic designer Marce Soto Ramirez, Chile Woke aims to highlight the works of artists and photographers responding to the current social and political crisis in Chile. Through their creations, we confront issues such of police and state violence, advocate for human rights, and foster spaces for communal dialogue and healing.

Our commitment is to safeguard this visual heritage, recognizing its power to illuminate the daily struggles of society and inspire meaningful change.

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