Chile Woke

Chile Woke is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, WA, USA. Functioning as a curatorial platform, our goal is to promote the work of artists and photographers that are currently developing projects related to the social and political crisis ongoing in Chile since October 18th 2019.

It has come to our awareness the need to build a space that brings together these art work and the narratives they relate, understanding the documentary role of photography and the power of images in their capacity to represent a collective experience.

Our intention is to create a series of exhibitions, starting with photographs and posters, to share some of what is creating unrest between the Chilean State and its citizens and residents.

We are aiming to make this an itinerating project, for we believe there are many spaces where this pieces can be the starting point for a conversation on our roles as citizens in a democracy. How important this role becomes when democracy itself is threatened.

Photo by Valentina Gonzalez Castro.

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